Essay on Importance of Education in 500 words in English

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Education is one of the most important needs of human beings. It is the light of life that brings from darkness to brightness. Without education, a man is like an animal. He can't distinguish between good and bad right or wrong. Only education helps to make us successful human beings. Education can gain formally or informally. Formally, the individuals gain an education by attending school, colleges, and universities. Informally,s/he gains education at home or anywhere else.

Education provides insight and competency. An educated person has a better opportunity of getting a job. if a country has sufficient educated citizens, it can move towards development. Every country needs skilled manpower for their development and education produce various skilled manpower like doctors, engineers, professors, administrators, etc. And they can perform their duties in a better manner. Educated farmers apply scientific methods of agriculture and produce more crops. Similarly, skilled doctors give better treatment to their patients. It is education that has enabled people to reach the moon. Education is the remedy for hunger, disease, and poverty.

Today, Educations has great importance. A person without education considers as an animal who has lost its horns and tails. A person without education neither has a good potential to do any work, nor good thinking power. The educated person never completes his work successfully. He fails in every step of his life. He will be the most wretch person in the world. The conservative society can be remolded when the people of the society are educated. The social evils that are prevalent in society can be abolished if the people have an education. Moreover, the development of society depends upon the number of educated people.

Similarly, the world has been greatly changed till now. The stone-aged men are developed to be civilized and much powerful in this world. The reason behind this surprising achievement is nothing except education. Still, we can find some race of the people living in the forest with the tradition's practice. Even in this 21st century are roaming in the forest. This is because of a lack of education. We even can find that the country develops if the citizens are educated. The prosperity of a country depends upon a number of an educated people. A handicapped person can identify him in the world if he gets an education.

Today the world has been changed unexpectedly. The human can fly like a bird in the sky and swim like a fish, The person at the North Pole can immediately reach the south pole. This is possible because of technological development. And this technological development is happened because of education. The world has been changed into a global village because of the extraordinary contribution made by education in the field of science and technology. Moreover, for harmonious utilization of resources and possibilities around and within us, education is mandatory.

To sum up, education has great importance. The person's birth will be meaningless if he doesn't achieve education in his life. Because of high importance, education must be provided to everyone. None must be deprived of education.

Essay on Importance of Education in 500 words in English

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