BSW Syllabus

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Bsw Syllabus


Are you searching the syllabus of bsw syllabus then you are in the right website.Above Syllabus is designed by the Tribhuwan University.Tu BSW syllabus of all the subjects provides detailed information about the course topics’ content, projects, and assignments. You can access the entire Semester syllabus by clicking the links given in the above points. Every student should understand the syllabus to gain a proper understanding of what they are going to dive into. Therefore, they can understand the type of questions, weightage of marks as per the section, and marks distribution of each subject, That’s how they will be able to design their activities for the entire semester accordingly.

In the BSW 1st Year, students have to study Introduction of Social Work, Basic Sociology for Social Work , Social Case Work Practice , Basic Psychology for Social Work and Social Work Practice with Groups,

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